Chic And Colorful Chaise Sofas

Chaise sofas can be great additions to your home as accent chairs or regular sofas. A nice comfortable place to snooze in the day time, chaise end sofas are great favorites as living room furniture. Called as sofa chaise lounge, sofa chaise bed, and chaise end sofa – this is a one stop solution when you need a sofa, a lounge, a day bed or a sofa bed for day time relaxation.
What is a chaise sofa? What is so special about it? When the sofa is extra long like a chaise so that it can support your legs easily when you stretch on it but still has back supports like a sofa, it can be called a chaise sofa. They double up as lounges as well sofas – allowing you to sit and relax or lie down and sleep as effortlessly.
Chaise sofas can be made of wood frame or metal frames and can be as low as a futon or can look like normal sofas. These are slightly bigger in size than normal sofas but then you have to give allowance for a furniture item that can multi-task so nicely! When timeless elegance and chic sophistication are needed, these chaise sofas can fit the bill.
Here you can see some lovely looking chaise sofas. These are images of chaise sofas from the famous Italian furniture manufacturer, Fama. Available in a variety of styles, you will be hard-pressed to know which will look best in your home. Unlike the futon which needs to be opened up, these have wide and deep seats so an adult can sleep easily without extra work.
Chaise sofas have reversible side chaises. So you can choose which side to create the chaise portion or put it in the center also as seen here. The classic love-seat sofa with winged backs in brocade upholstery is bigger than usual and serves as chaise sofa in the living room beautifully when paired with an attachable ottoman foot rest.
Look at the modern minimalist style chaise sofa in a simple couch pattern with detachable backrests that support loose cushions and pillows as seen in the images here. You can create a sofa with both the backrests in place or remove one to have more room as a bed. Don’t you think you will love to have some chaise sofas in your home as accent accessories?

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