Attractive Vanities Adding Color To Your Bathroom

With the wide choice available of extremely simple but elegant looking vanities to most elaborate and expensive vanities, your bathroom can best benefit from a vanity with storage space. With homes becoming smaller, bathrooms need to be planned and designed better with enough storage space right within the bathroom and leave less visible clutter.
Vanities ought to be right near the entrance – and well away from the shower-bathtub area. You do not want wet flooring all around the vanity or getting the steam and condensation permanently on the vanity mirror or shelf making them look old and worn out. When buying vanity check out for waterproof features and good quality mirrors.
Depending on the size of the bathroom, you will have to plan for your vanity. Traditionally designed big bathrooms can take large double countered vanities with ornamentally done mirror work. But mini bathrooms look best with simple designs and smaller sizes that will not look out of place but yet provide all the comforts and conveniences.
What color you will love in your bathroom? Small bathrooms look best with pastel walls and you can bring a color splash with bright looking vanities and the underneath cabinets. You can have simple frames for the mirrors so that the spacious look is emphasized. But add color with the counters and cabinets underneath or above it.
You can still love to have traditional white basins. Today the basins are built into the wooden cabinets that come underneath it and it looks compact. Depending on the size available, you can add cabinets above it or to the side of the vanity as medicine and cosmetics cabinet. You can create a contrast by choosing a dark shade finish for these cabinets.
Here you can see lovely looking vanities from Birex, an Italian company renowned for creating lovely looking bathroom designs, fittings and accessories. Look at the bright looking twin vanities in two lovely shades of yellow and violet with matching mirrors! How gorgeous the turquoise blue vanity and side shelves look – creating a lovely contrast to the all white d├ęcor bathroom!
These vanities are placed most opportunely near the windows and so get enough natural light during the day. All these vanities are floating and not pedestal based. They take less floor space and create a well planned and an organized look to the bathrooms so you feel energized and refreshed after using these pretty-looking bathroom vanities.

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