Bedroom Storage Organization Ideas

To optimize the storage space in your bedroom while keeping on a pleasant & uncluttered look; you need to use some smart tips and functional ideas depending on your bedroom design and decorating style in order to keep on the comfort & serenity that’s supposed to be dominating the ambience of the bedroom, and at the same time making it accommodate all your stuff. Discover many practical bedroom storage ideas that maximize the space while providing a very decorative look. The underside of the bed is a gold mine in terms of storage space; you can opt for drawers, lockers or even boxes that slide under the bed to store clothes and accessories you don’t use, and if you haven’t bought your bedroom furniture yet, know that you can get one of those bed models designed especially with storage drawers, which seems very clever as it will save space besides not cluttering the clean look because you know the rule: since it’s hidden, it’s clean! Besides the bed, the rest of the bedroom furniture is now also designed to accommodate a maximum of storage. You will find side tables, consoles and bed ends that contain dedicated storage chests that remain invisible.

Since you’re looking for optimizing the bedroom space, you need to think more practically. For example, rather than opting for a dresser and a dressing table, prefer a model that integrates these two cabinet functions together to save space; this way the dresser can accommodate a top surface for storing makeup, and can include a mirror to make it very useful. Similarly, instead of choosing a simple headboard, prefer a bed model in which the headboard allows more storage. There are headboards that serve as real libraries with practical shelves that can accommodate all your books. Don’t hesitate to use the whole surface of the bedroom to carry out the storage. For example, you can choose an open wardrobe that you will run along the walls; the decorative effect will be also very original. Feel free also to use the entire area under the ceiling. For example, if you already have a good height, you can install shelves just below the ceiling to store books all around the room. If your bedroom layout has a sub-slope that does not allow you to circulate throughout this space, use it for storage! You can easily slide storage units or shelves at the end of your sub-slope. Finally, to gain more storage in the bedroom, nothing’s like a wardrobe that fits into the wall and lets you store stuff without cluttering the bedroom space!

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