Poke stool by Kyuhyung Cho

Poke stool is the first furniture piece created by a typography designer, Kyuhyung Cho. The inspiration was to develop furniture for adults but keep a spirit of child like play in the form and function. The stool is simple, bold and playful.
The combination of four round legs and the eight holes in each seat create a stackable stool with a graphical approach. The stools poke one another to build up a stack, as the four legs pass through the holes of the other seat. The twist of each stool added creates a rhythm as the stack grows higher. The addition of the fourth stool establishes a new layer with a different tempo. The composition of different colours and variations to the rhythm lead us create our own structure, like a geometric sculpture.
The Poke is made in Finnish natural birch and oak. The stool is finished with a hard wearing lacquer to create a solid and smooth surface to make stacking and unstacking work effortlessly.

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