Four Pests You Could Encounter In and Around the Home

If you have ever been in a fierce battle with a pesky pest you will understand how important it is to get the problem sorted out quickly. As the infestation continues over time, it can be harder to shift the blighters from your home, and areas of the house could even be left with significant damage.
There are professionals out there who work with commercial premises and homeowners to resolve these problems with pests. One such company, Merlin Environmental ( has some helpful information online that you might like to read about tackling infestations. However if you are lucky enough to be ‘pest-free’ at the moment, it is worthwhile for you to be aware of some of the creatures that could be a problem in the future.
Here are just a few of them:

There are different kinds of ants that can be a problem in the home, but the most common is the black garden ant. However there are some varieties including the Pharaoh Ant which can be an absolute nightmare to eradicate, and can really only be dealt with by the professionals. A company of pest controllers will also be able to correctly identify the type of ants in a property, making the situation much easier to handle. You would know if you had a problem with ants in the home if you saw the live insects, their pathways, or perhaps small heaps of dirt where their nest sites are.


When it comes to rodents you are looking at rats and mice in particular. The problem with these animals is that they can adapt to almost any environment, meaning that your home could be at risk. You wouldn’t want to eat in a restaurant that had a rodent infestation, so one should be dealt with immediately in your home as well; these pests can pose a significant health hazard and can cause damage. Signs of rats and mice include live animals, droppings, damaged furniture or wires, and nesting material.

If you are the type of person that jumps with fear each time you hear a buzzing noise, you will not want to be subject to a wasp infestation at your home. Upon discovery of a wasps nest, you should call a team of experts who will be able to come out and eradicate the problem within a few hours. Wasps can cause a painful sting, but they can also be life threatening to those who are allergic to these stings.

Bed bugs

There are pests that can take up residence in your bedroom too; these are bed bugs. These tiny things can be easily transported in suitcases, and the bad news is that they are prolific breeders - they multiply at a rate of 5,000 offspring per female. You will know if you have bed bugs if you experience: irritation, rash and swelling, blood spots on sheets, tiny specks of droppings, as well as the live insects. The best way to banish the beasts is to call in the professionals; preferably before the problem spreads to other areas of the home.
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