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Today when starting a business, the young entrepreneur faces the following trend: current estate market saturation, where the m² values costs unaffordable prices and finding a central location available is almost impossible. This, combined with the fact that at this early stage the cash flow for investment is small, ended up invalidating the beginning of many companies and makes a greater number of professionals to act as “freelancers”, working in improvised spaces and often not functional ones.

As an option to this trend, an increasing number of multidisciplinary spaces, where several companies create partnerships in order to share costs and looking for a greater security, is growing. This partnership also solves another current major need: sharing. Sharing has been the philosophy of the new century, where more and more people realize that by sharing knowledge and information, they are collaborating with others and also with themselves, increasing their network and being recognized by colleagues in the middle where they are acting.
Evaluating these trends and in response to them, we proposed “Box Office”. The idea of a modular office, with minimum measures and that is functional, ergonomic and affordable to all. These modules contain all the minimum requirements for the operation of an office: computer, printer, work counter, ergonomic chair, benches to customers, space for books and magazines, plus a mini kitchen with coffee maker, microwave and fridge.
Another interesting point of the proposal is the fact that these modules can be closed at night or when not in operation, making it a compact furniture visually. In other words, the owners of the modules do not need to worry about privacy, security and organization. Everything is embedded and protected within this module, occupying much less space.
To adapt the idea of a modular and multifunctional box, a neutral and at the same time strong color, was proposed as finishing – dark gray. Specific elements were highlighted by the application of a point of color, which may vary according to the specific colors of the graphical communication of each company. Regarding measures, the standard module has 2 meters wide and 70 centimeter deep.
The height is 2 meters and 20 centimeters, allowing placement in all environments. The height of the work counter, essential for ergonomic and functional use, can be tailored according to the height of the buyer of the module. The total volume of the module does not exceed 3 cubic meters. By using minimal equipment and space, we are combining creativity and functionality, in search of a more sustainable option.
Another positive point of this proposal is the mobility. With this possibility, young entrepreneurs will not be tied to a physical space and can move according to the needs and growth of their own business. For example, a young entrepreneur who starts his/her office, at home, as seeing it own business growing can move to a commercial or multidisciplinary space, reusing the Box Office.
Designed by Andrya Kohlmann
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