Autumn Decorative Ideas for your Tea Time Table

In autumn, nothing beats a tea break to warm up between lunch and dinner; it is the best way to enjoy a convivial & sweet moment in a warm interior atmosphere. As for decoration, the tea-time table takes many different looks, always around a delicate, classic style. Here are many inspirational decorative ideas for an elegant tea-time table that will improve your mood during the fall & winter. Because the origin of the tea-time came from England, the tea-time table is usually inspired by the chic British style; elegant napkins arranged on each cup, sweet delicacies arranged on a tray top delicately wearing a glass bell, and flowers and candles in chic, classic holders complete the charming look. The country style is also a very good choice to decorate your tea-time table; for this, focus on white crockery adorned with checkered motifs and farm animal patterns.
To create a charming style for your tea-time table, it is not necessary to get very expensive accessories. If you have a simple white tea set, don’t hesitate to use it; arrange it in an elegant way and use colorful sweets to accessorize it. Actually, a simple white tea set is easier to accessorize in many different styles; according to the tablecloth or the napkin motifs, your tea set will take a special character and you can change the look every time from a very classic to a very modern one. For example, a simple wicker basket can be enough to reveal the softness of a porcelain white tea set while adding a nice natural spirit. If you like to add a contemporary touch to your tea-time table, opt for a tea set in modern lines without any classic details; simple cup & plate designs in a contemporary color like grey, for example, and complete the look with a stylish tablecloth. For an original look, choose a tea set wrapped in tricot! Your tea-time table will look so trendy, yet delicate and charming.

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